[ Audit Reports ] My Smart Contract Audit Reports and Consultations at Valix Consulting


My smart contract audit reports and consultations at Valix Consulting. Only public reports/consultations are listed here. Several of my audit reports/consultations are private.

Audit Reports (Public-Only)

Client My Roles Audit Reports
Aniverse Lead Auditor
Code Sekai Reviewer & Technical Advisor
FWX Lead Auditor
PlayToEarn Lead Auditor
Vonder Finance Lead Auditor
Vuca Digital (Vega Investment Group Limited) Lead Auditor
Warden Finance Lead Auditor
Xtatuz DMCC Reviewer & Technical Advisor

The numbers of issues listed below were counted on my public audit reports only (excluding all duplicate issues from any same report with multiple versions).

  • Critical issues: 16

  • High issues: 53

  • Medium issues: 72

  • Low issues: 62

  • Informational issues: 44

  • Total (public) issues: 247

Updated on 2024-02-09

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Web3 and Smart Contract Consultations (Public-Only)

Client Types of Business My Roles
Covest Finance On-Chain Insurance Platform Lead Smart Contract Architecture Consultant & Lead Security Consultant
Epic Gathering (Multiverse Expert) NFT and GameFi Platform Lead Smart Contract Architecture Consultant & Lead Security Consultant
Warden Finance Best-Rate DEX Aggregator and NFT Platform Lead Immunefi Triager & Lead Security Consultant

Updated on 2023-06-16

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