[ Slide #2 ] Code Mania 1010 - Demystifying Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain with Example DApp

The slide presented in Code Mania 1010

Hyperledger Fabric Hyperledger Fabric Architecture Private Data Collection Private Blockchain Permissioned Blockchain Blockchain

[ Slide #1 ] Libra Developer Meeting #1 - Deep dive into LibraBFT consensus

The slide presented in Libra Developer Meeting #1 in Thailand

Libra LibraBFT HotStuff BFT Consensus Blockchain Facebook

[ Project #5 ] Katinrun Fundraising Platform

Decentralized donation platform for the world charity on Blockchain awarded from Surge Bangkok Hackathon 2019

Ethereum Solidity Smart Contract Blockchain Donation Decentralized Exchange Surge Bangkok Hackathon

[ Project #4 ] Chair Auction Platform

The blockchain-based auction platform awarded from The Stupid Hackathon Thailand #3

Hyperledger Fabric Hyperledger Blockchain Stupid Hackathon Auction

[ Project #3 ] Katinrun Platform

The first blockchain-based donation platform in Thailand

Katinrun KTR KTF PKTF Plasma Ethereum Solidity Smart Contract Blockchain