[ Project #1 ] PizzaCoin Ethereum-based Voting System

Description: PizzaCoin voting system developed for the 1st Thailand’s blockchain hackathon (Pizza Hackathon 2018)

1. [Repo] - PizzaCoin Ethereum-based Smart Contract + Decentralized Application (DApp)


2. [Repo] - PizzaCoin Ethereum-based Smart Contract Only


3. [Blog] - PizzaCoin the series consists of 6 articles as follows

 Part 1: How Did We Develop Ethereum-based Voting System for Pizza Hackathon?

 Part 2: Workflow Design for PizzaCoin Voting System

 Part 3: Detailed Implementation of Staff and Player Contracts

 Part 4: Detailed Implementation of Team Contract

 Part 5: Deploying Children Contracts with Contract Factories

 Part 6: Integrating PizzaCoin Contract with Dependencies

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